Here are our services we offer

Being involved in Water Distribution for over 18 years, I know what it takes to get your water from our water resource to your home in a manner that protects the public health and welfare by ensuring that all potable water being distributed to the public by the public water systems is free from unwholesome, foreign substances, filth, and any disease-causing substances or organisms. I have proven to the Authorities having Jurisdiction in this area that I am a person who has shown competence to test and maintain backflow prevention assemblies to their satisfaction, & want to maintain & manage all your backflow needs.

  • Test,  certify, diagnose, replace & repair a full range of backflow prevention assemblies
  • Perform cross connection control site survey’s and determine the degree of hazards and designate the type of backflow prevention measures or assemblies needed
  • Install backflow encloser’s
  • Install anti theft devices for backflow assemblies
  • Advise and confirm with customer to schedule service shutdowns to inspect, test and repair backflow assemblies
  • Maintain records and logs of backflow assembly inspection, test and repairs
  • We get your backflow assemblies annual certication data turned into the proper authorities have jurisdiction

Here’s a great gallery of backflow services.

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Certifications Include

CA-NV AWWA Backflow Preventer Assembly General Tester (USC, 10th Edition)

CA-NV AWWA Cross-Connection Control Program Specialist

ADEQ Water Distribution Operator III

NDNP Water Distribution Operator III

CA-NV AWWA, Proctor, Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester